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FFXIV Gil Making Strategies:Disciples of the Land

Le 15 juin 2015, 09:40 dans Humeurs 0

Playing as a on of the Disciples of the Land can make you easy FFXIV Gil. Aside from the gear they use to collect items with, they have very few costs. This means that what they mine or harvest can be sold for pure profit. Right now, Miner is all the rage for making Gil, as they have one of the easiest times collecting Elemental Shards, Crystals and Clusters. Even at level 1, this class can make you 10-20k an hour. Spend some time to level it up and eventually you will have a class that can make you very easy Gil.


Crystals and Shards are not the only valuable item. All three of the Disciples of the Land have high level materials that they can get a hold of. With proper gear, your character will be able to collect HQ materials on a regular basis, netting you a much larger profit at the Market Board. With all that said, Fisher is probably the lowest of the three in terms of money making potential. Don't take that to mean it is useless, as that is far from the truth, but compared to Botanist and Miner, it just doesn't generate the same amount of money.


If you are looking to make some serious Gil, this is where you want to be. Almost any of the various Disciples of the Hand can make you money, however the more you level, the better off you will be. The reason for this is very similar to that of the Disciples of War. Like their fighting counterparts, Crafters have many cross class skills they can make use of. The more you have access to, the better chances that you complete those high level crafts, and more importantly, the better the chance of getting an HQ. For this reason, if you really are looking to make some serious dough, don't be content with leveling just one Crafter, level as many of them as you can.


Given how much materials cost, how do you actually turn a profit? Well, it is actually easier than you might think, as it comes back to a point further up this page. People will pay for convenience, so you can make easy money by crafting low level materials. Let us look at Weaver as an example. Cotton Yarn needs to be crafted from Cotton Bolls and a Lightning Shard. A low level Weaver can make quick money by turning the Cotton Bolls into Cotton Yarn, and then reselling it. This is because higher level players don't want to waste time making the Cotton Yarn. They simply want it immediately, so they will pay a premium to buy it, instead of making it themselves! This is a great way to sustain yourself until your Crafter of choice reaches the higher levels, and can make end game armor and HQ items.


Once you reach the high levels with your desired Crafter, probably the single best way to make quick Cheap FFXIV Gil  is to make HQ items. Your stats will now be high enough that you can go back and HQ most low- to mid-level items. This means any item up to around the low 40s should be very easy for you to craft HQ. Grab some materials, and whip up a couple dozen HQ Linen Yarns, or maybe some sheets of HQ Undyed Velveteen and sell them for massive profits.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Bundle preorder question

Le 13 juin 2015, 15:04 dans Humeurs 0

Hello everyone!


I'm asking this FFXIV Gil question in stead of a friend since he can't login to the forums right now.

He is playing on PS3 but is getting a PS4 in a few days. So he pre-ordered the ARR+Heavensward (physical) bundle. But he still got a few questions left.


-Since he is just upgrading, will he be able to play FFXIV ARR before Heavensward? The bundle will arrive on the 23rd (official heavensward release)


- Since he is just upgrading, will he get the 30 free days like the bundle says? 


- Will he have access to early access since he is just upgrading? 


Help would be a lot appreciated!


I'm not sure but I believe the arr/hw bundle for pc you can't till the release..the bundle with arr/hw for ps4 I'm not sure. Think it's the same as the pc were you will have to wait. If so then no he can't get ea. If you upgrade with a old account from PS3 to play on ps4 no you don't get a free 30days. A new account yes. When I upgraded I did not get a free 30days. I also upgraded when they did the PS3 to ps4 campaign. That's over Cheap FFXIV Gil now. But I put arr back on my PS3 using a new account for free weekends or other family members to use and got 30day free there. Also idk if you are NA and just to let you know. We are still waiting for our ea code.

Final Fantasy XIV EU Store, Physical Collector's order: unable to complete payment

Le 11 juin 2015, 15:06 dans Humeurs 0

So, today me and a lot of FFXIV Gil friends received a mail where the EU shop said they couldn't complete our order payment, and they asked to check if we had enought money on the card. And the card is fine, i also have the 1EUR fee...


Anyone with the same problem? Sent an email to the support, but still no reply.


Same problem here (PS4 physical copy) with only difference they tried to take the money from my credit card which isn't the default payment method(Paypal is) so it's kinda bothering.

The money are there.

Sent an email asap, now i'm waiting for some answers.


P.S. I can't even remove the old method payment, the Paypal is set as default/primary payment method, but the credit card method can't be removed...


If tomorrow they try to charge again the credit card instead of Paypal i will go nuts.


I had this problem and made a post a few days ago to try to bring it to attention of SE. Some card issuers, and paypal, will only allow a maximum of 30 days for a pre-authorised transaction. If no funds have been requested after that inital 1Eur/£1/1Kronor etc within 30 days it will expire. So in other words SE should not have allowed pre-order in the EU to take place in that way. Its a good method for grocerie shopping as thats usually delivered and final within a week but not pre-order of months in Cheap FFXIV Gil advance.

I've tried to get a resposne from SE over wether they will try to do just a simple debit on the re-try, or wether the game needs to be re-ordered but still no reply

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